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Cases with magnets--problem for 3G?


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May 17, 2010
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I've noticed several iPad cases have magnetic clasps or similar. Which sounded great until I read a review of the Eco-Vue that mentioned the magnetic strip interfered with the functioning of the compass in the 3G model.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with cases that have magnets? How big a problem is it? (e.g., does it interfere with GPS functions in any way?)
Hello and welcome here from Asia, we have also notice that trouble yet we can’t clearly identify how big is the impact but we will know soon (i hope)
Magnets in Ipad Case

I ordered a nice case that has magnets in the case to keep it closed. But after thinking about it, I am worried about putting a $800 Ipad in there with Magnets around the sides. Wouldnt this distort the images eventually? Magnets eventually magnetize things... Im thinking about cutting the magnets out of the case. :mad:
... go to Apple Support - Discussions and put magnets into the search box. There are lots of threads about the topic. So far, I cannot see where any Apple engineers have posted - only speculation.
From what I have read magnets will give you trouble,even more so on the Compass and GPS programs. I would not use the case unless the magnets were cut out,but thats me:D let see what the experts say.:)

I would like to see something official. Magnets being there is not necessarily a problem, but it certainly could be. There are very powerful magnets in hard drives right next to the magnetic media where the data is stored. Its all about where the magnetic field is.
I didn't buy a few cases because they had magnets... just sayin'.
Update... I used a scouple hobby knife and cut the magnets case still looks great. I was careful when removing Their were 7 magnets around the sides. Which were pretty high powered. Because they attract even though my hand! I do like the case. It was only $15 on ebay sent from china. I'll post a picture later. Sure glad I took those magnets out! Not with the risk!:D
My case has one magnet and I seem to be getting great 3g and wifi reception. No perceivable difference when I take it out of the case.

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