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Can't log into stock trading site realtime No Java!!!


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May 7, 2010
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Australia, QLD
I think I'm going to sell off the iPad, it can't support Java!! Really disappointed ! Anyone hv any suggest? Pls advise.
I think I'm going to sell off the iPad, it can't support Java!! Really disappointed ! Anyone hv any suggest? Pls advise.

You didn't know this before you purchased it? That's the iPad's biggest issue.
Who is your broker?

I use Think or Swim. They have an iPhone app called Iswim. And now with the JB full force for the Ipad it looks just like the iPhone one.

But quite a few brokers have apps for the iPhone and iPad. And even more brokers have mobile versions of they're site that you can trade on.

I have saw IB, etrade, TOS, and a few others on the app store. And im sure there is more.
i guess i can use mobile trading platform, but there is no real time ticking of the stock prices on real time on the screen. The only real time data is to do a fetch so that data can be pushed to my iPad.
think or swim, and forex.cons apps are the only ones I have tried. Because i have an account with TOS and a demo with forex.com. But they both automatically update the chart every three seconds or so.

I know it sucks but depending on what kind of tradin you are doing and how fast your screen refreshes when you push refresh it should be ok for most everything except scalping trades.

Position trades and even most day trades should be fine.

I take it you would only be tradin on your iPad when you are away from your computer?

TOS's app is pretty good but im so used to trading on 2 30" screens that I only use it when i am away from home and see a good opportunity as I am constantly monitoring the markets on the go.

I do a lot of scalping trades too so iPhone and iPad trading doesn't work too good for me.

On the plus side the iPad is great for monitoring the markets.

I love the rueters market, bloomberg, black gold, and yahoo finance, apps.

And I have a futrures app for the iphone i use sometimes.

Only thing I wish I could do SOOO bad is bring up my electronic Investors Business Daily subscription.

I can bring up the full site but when I launch the interactive paper ( the online version of IBD) it will come uo with the layout but won't show the actual paper.

yes, i only do trading in my ipad when i'm away from my home computer.

which is the 'best' stock monitoring ipad app now that can let u key profolio and tick and update the current stock value in your holding? Blommberg? or any better app ?

Btw, tks for your helpful comments.
So will there be any Java scripts for ipad in future, and is Apple doing something about this problem?
I use a few different ones. Each app has it's own high and low points. Most common low point is the darn line charts. I HATE line charts.

Market scan let's you view yahoo finance, google finance, msn etc all in one app.

Stock watch will let you make a portfolio and view line charts and prices and such but has this darn line charts.

Qfolio is a great app if you trade NASDAQ stocks. It is all about NASDAQ stocks.

Istockmanager is ok also.

It just depends o n your personal prefs I guess.
I think I'm going to sell off the iPad, it can't support Java!! Really disappointed ! Anyone hv any suggest? Pls advise.

Not just Java. It doesn't support Adobe Flash or Mricrosoft Silverlight either. My stock portfolio is on Silverlight.
Apple will support these things soon enough. For the last year they had the only tablet available, so everyone had to bend to their will. 2011 will be the year of the Android tablet and blackberry tablet and WebOS tablet, all of which support these web standards. Apple will have to join the rest.

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