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Can't get any voice memos to sync in either direction


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Apr 23, 2012
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I'm trying to sync my voice memos from my iPhone 13 (IOS 16.6) using iTunes (12.10.11 ) to a Windows 10 PC. I have a fresh clean install of Windows and a brand new phone that was setup from scratch (not restored from backup). The phone is practically out of the box as far as setup and apps.
I'm able to get music, photos, videos , ring tones etc to sync, but not the voice memos as I have done in the past.
I only have two test songs, and one old voice memo currently in iTunes so it is very easy to see what is syncing. I also recorded a test voice memo on the new phone to sync back to the PC.

Under the device (phone) section, under music I have check "sync voice memos" and I have tried the option to sync the entire music library and also to sync only selected items (selecting the smart playlist thst filters for voice memos).

I am not getting any voice memos in either direction syncing. Both the new VM on the phone and the two in iTunes dont sync to the other device. I also check in Windows Explorer VM folder to see if the new item was there.

Any ideas?

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