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Can't charge while using iPad


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Apr 2, 2013
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Hi! I have never had any problems charging my iPad,but now it will only charge when shut off. When I turn it on,it either says "not charging" or when I unplug it then plug it in again while it's on,the power bar is green,but the % slowly decreases as I use it. I have rebooted it numerous times with no change. Has anyone else had this problem? I saw another post about charging problems,but I don't know if his still charged while shut off as mine does,or not at all. I'm glad I can,at least charge it when not in use,but the battery runs out and it's frustrating. I have the original Apple charger but have switched out the cord a few times with no change. Any help would surely be appreciated! Thanks!


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Apr 21, 2013
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If you have any other iDevice, you could try and use the charger there to see whether its a problem with the charger or the device. Usually, "not charging" is shown quite a few times when the iPad is connected through USB to a PC.

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