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Can't activate


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Jul 24, 2013
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I have an ipad 1 that I jailbroke about 6 months ago. I just tried to connect to itunes and was getting error 0xE8000012. After trying a few different solutions that didn't work I tried to delete the lockdown folder, which I found as a solution on another site. When I rebooted, it attempted to activate but would not. From the reading I have done this sounds like it was because it was jailbroken.

How can I fix this?

I will be completely honest, when it comes to computers in general and android devices I am very comfortable and well versed but I don't really know a damn thing about ios devices.

Nothing I do will get it past the activation screen both on the device and in itunes so there is no way that I am able to back it up to do a restore.  If there is no way to get past the activation or replace the lockdown folder I know that I will have to do a restore.  Is there any possible way to make a backup without itunes requiring the activation, like through DFU or something?


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