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Can I easily maintain apps from multiple countries on my devices ?


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Mar 12, 2012
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London, England
Hi Folks,

I'm after your advice. Up till now I've purchased all my music and apps from the U.S app store using iTunes gift vouchers. I usually stock up on these whenever my friends or I travel to the U.S. I made this decision early on as certain music I was after (on my iPod) was simply not available on the UK store :(.

Now there are a few UK centric apps (Amazon, e-banking, credit card etc) that are not available on the US app store. Idealy I'd like to install these apps on my iPad along with my existing US sourced apps.

My thought was to register a UK based account, switch to the UK app store temporarily and download free apps, and use UK iTunes gift vouchers to download paid apps.

I've done some Googling before this post and I can't seem to get a definitive answer as to whether this approach is sound. My understanding is that it becomes very difficult to get updates for the apps not tied to your country of residence, also iOS upgrades tend to delete these apps :eek:

Has anyone here "been there done it" ? If so are there any gotchas?

Now that I've purchased a "New iPad" I do have the option of maintaining a "US" iPad and a "UK" iPad. This seems overkill though!


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Apr 14, 2011
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Its no problem at all, when you need to update the apps it will just pop up with the account you bought it on and ask for the password (doing it on the device itself, via itunes you need to sign in and out of each account).

You won't lose the apps when you upgrade and even if you do its fairly simple to get them back.

Loads of people do this for the exact reason you describe - access to alternative stores.

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