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Camera Connection Kit with Panasonic LX3 Digital Camera


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Jun 20, 2010
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I finally received the iPad CCK this week (took 4 weeks + 3 days from Apple). I have been getting familiar using it with my Panasonic LX3 digital camera. Several things I notice (some of which could be unique to the Panasonic camera?)

1. Follow the procedure exactly as in the instruction book regarding the sequence of turning on the devices and connecting them. (Otherwise, it doesn't seem to work)
2. My camera ask you to select PC or PictBridge Connection type. If you choose PictBridge, RAW files will not be transferred, only JPG. However, if you select PC then both photo types will be transferred.
3. Both the USB connection and the card reader work just fine (if you follow the recommended sequence).
4. It takes a longer than I expected for the iPad to scan the camera or card to determine which photos are old/new. If you don't think anything is happening just be patient.
5. Using both methods several times, I prefer the card reader method. It just seems easier then fooling with the camera's USB cable.

Do any of you have the same experience using the CCK with your camera or any tips for usage?

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