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Buried in e-mails


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Apr 2, 2013
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I delete e-mails everyday due to high volume and not wanted to get backed up. I find the process tedious. In one of my old PC accounts,I could check one box and ALL e-mails would be deleted. Is there something I'm missing with this Apple set up that would be comparable?

Yesterday,all my old e-mails that had been already deleted started to reload as "unread". I've gone back to April re-deleting them,but this will take me the better part of my life to do. Any ideas on why this is happening and what I can do to stop it? This is INCREDIBLY frustrating! Thank you. Kare4k9
Now,all the e-mails I deleted earlier today are back again as unread! Rebooting doesn't do a thing. Not good!
This sometimes happens with POP3 type email accounts. POP3 account predate the mobile, more than one email device, era; so they can have some unexpected behaviors when used with more than one email client.

POP3 accounts don't sync with your devices. Instead the download the email, and then either keep them on the server, or delete them from the server (depending on your email client's settings). If they stay on the server then it's up to your device to know whether it's already read a particular email or not.

If the device forgets, then you get all those old emails again, as if they were new.

If you have another way to get to the email, a PC or website, then go there and delete the unwanted emails. Then delete and re-add the account on he iPad.

After that, make sure either the iPad or the PC is set to delete emails after downloading, and make sure you occasionally use that device to check email. The settings for the iPad are in the Advanced settings for that account. Where there are on the PC will depend on your email program.

Hold in mind that whenever the device that deletes the emails is used, any new emails that are downloaded will never show up on the other device(s).

So, the very best solution is to check with your email provider and see if they offer an IMAP or Exchange server setup instead. If they do, change all your devices and computers to that setup.
Oh yes, the default setting for POP3 accounts on the iPad is to leave email on the server after downloading it. That's why it came back. It's still on the server even after downloading, and for some reason the iPad forgot (again) e which emails it had already downloaded.
Thank you so much twerppoet. I will try to fiddle with it this afternoon.

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