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Bookmark Oddity in Safari


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Oct 22, 2014
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ipad Air 2, ios11.3
The final entry on my list of bookmarks in Safari is the bookmark symbol (open book or ) but there is nothing against it and I cannot delete it.

I added a new test bookmark, and this appeared as the final bookmark item, preceding this empty symbol.

I do not know when it appeared as I haven’t scrolled down to the final bookmark for a while. Seems like an index pointer error in 11.3 on the iPad. (I checked on my iPhone 8 and the problem does not appear on it.)
Thanks twerppoet; yes. First thing I tried; followed by a reset.

I also added a new bookmark and then deleted that, but it made no difference to this oddity bookmark.
I have a suggestion. If your bookmarks are normal in iPhone, try turning off Safari in iCloud on your iPad. Power it down, then back on. Then turn Safari back on under iCloud. It might clear the blank space in Bookmarks.
Thanks jupiter7.

The iPhone and iPad and bookmarks are not the same -i.e. not linked through iCloud. It maybe a corruption of the iPad bookmark list, but that seems to be alright, nothing obvious in the bookmark list -except the oddity.

I think that I will probably raise a bug report about it tomorrow.
Thanks jupiter7.

It is not so much getting a fix, but simply identifying a bug, assuming it is one, and feeding it back. It is not exactly major, but should not occur.
Follow up on the bookmark oddity.

I now have 5 of the empty bookmarks on my iPad, as per attached photo, and I also noticed that I now have one on my iPhone. I thought that it may be related to a flight tracking web page, but I have been unable to force an additional blank link. Strange.



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