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Oct 4, 2011
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This is a very silly question. But I'm wondering how you find the Bluetooth. I'm getting a keyboard soon, so I was just wondering.

Thanks :)
Hello Romantix - welcome to the forum! :)

Just go to the 'Settings' app on the home screen, then select 'General' - a 'Bluetooth' option will appear in the right hand column, select and turn BT ON; once ON you will need to also turn on your BT device (e.g. I have the BT Apple keyboard & BT headphones); you will then need to 'pair' the iPad to the device desired - once done, connection later will be easy.

So in summary, BT has to be on w/ both the iPad & the device being connected; pairing must be done initially; then all should work well - good luck and re-post if still a problem!
Thank you!!!!!  For the advice

And warm welcome 
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