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Best Snap On Style Case?


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Aug 30, 2010
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I'm looking to get a snap on style case for my ipad and was looking to get feedback on which one are worth buying. I'm trying to avoid buying a bunch of cases.

Here are a couple I found:
IGearUSA Carbon Fiber Leather Snap-On Case
Cimo Snap-On Hard Shell Case
Incase Snap Case

Are any of these any good or is there something better. Mostly looking for something that won't fall off and doesn't scratch too badly. Thanks for the help.
It's not eaxctly a snap-on case, but have you looked at the modulR case? It stays on the iPad and then there is a snap-on cover for it.

Disclaimer: I have one and I think it works great. YMMV.

I've have looked at it and it does look nice but I'm after a case which doesn't have to much bulk. I have a Waterfield Ultimate SleeveCase which it needs to slide into. I currently have a Cimo TPU case but the case that wraps around the ipad is getting loose.
i got a speck candy,

it's pretty sweet and does great protection, but it adds a lot of bulk.

great if you think the iPad is too skinny.

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