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Best app for Word, Excel, & Powerpoint


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Oct 27, 2010
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What in your opinion is the best app to use when working with Word, Exel, and PowerPoint? I'd like to be able to upload, edit, and also download back to my Windows desktop if possible. I've searched for a few but can't really decide on which to buy. Either the iWork Suite, Office2 HD, or Quick Office HD. If there is a better one that I don't know about or if one of these three stands out as the best then please let me know. Thanks very much. Happy to be here.

I use "Documents To Go Premium" and it works perfect for me. The program can do all you want and more. I also downloaded a syncprogram for my PC so syncing files is very easy.

Good luck in finding what is best for you!

Best regards!
I was thinking of going with the iWork suite actually. was reading some reviews and they said it was the most user friendly for iPad work. rated it better than the others actually. if you like another better can you please explain why before I purchase the iWork suite.
The best are iWork, ketone, numbers. They r also support MS formula, this my opnion.
Do the iWork Suite apps support Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010? Viewing & saving as.

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