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Best App for Conecting iPad to a hard drive connected to an Airport Extreme?


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May 25, 2011
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Hello everyone I have done lots of searching but still have not come up with an answer. I recently got an airport extreme and connected a hard drive to it. I have since gotten my PC running windows 7 and my Macbook pro to see it and connect to it (both the Airport extreme and the Hard drive). Of course only after formatting the hard drive to FAT32.
But anyways I am trying to get my iPad to connect to the hard drive, and be able to use it. I have an iPad 2 if that makes any difference. My iPad can see the Airport extreme and connects to it but I do not know where to go, after that to see the drive. I do not even know what would be a good app to start with and try and see about connecting. I understand I could connect through icloud or some other app like that but I was hoping that I could use an app to connect directly through to the hard drive since its acting as a wireless hard drive right now.

ANY and all help is appreciated.

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