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Battery charging


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Mar 25, 2010
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A test report out on the ways to charge an iPad. Using anything like an iPhone charger or USB port is going to take forever, but the time from 0-80% charge is decent for the factory plug-in charger at 3 hours. Interestingly, the Griffin PowerBlock for iPad is even faster at 2.5 hours, making it a good choice for a auxiliary charger.

A couple of notes they had: Make sure you get the PowerBlock that says iPad rated. The same name is used for their iPhone models. Also, once a month, Apple recommends running the battery down to 0 charge and then completely recharging the iPad.
My iPad won't charge on anything but the wall socket! It wont even charge on an extension cord plugged into the wall. I am ready to take both the ipad and the keyboard dock. I love apple products but this is too frustrating!
I keep getting different information about charging with the keyboard dock. iPad page on apple site says it does charge on the keyboard dock but a phone call to apple had a lot of confused apple folks and one guy who said it only charges plugged into the wall socket.
Any thoughts or ideas!!!
Well do you have your keyboard dock plugged into the computer or wall? If the computer, without an upgraded BIOS your USB port will most likely not charge it. If you turn the device's screen off it will SLOWLY (but just barely, like 20% every 8 hours) charge, but not while you are using it.
My computer USB does charge my iPad when the screen is off, I offen synce the iPad leave it over night and the next moening it is at 100%
I just got my iPad - had the same problem with it not charging on my HP laptop. I tried out a new cable called Csquid - it worked great. I can charge using my laptop, even when it's in standby mode. Love it!

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