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Basic questions about the iPad from a possible buyer


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Feb 3, 2012
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Orlando, FL.
I have some basic questions about the iPad before I buy one - if I buy one.

1. Is it extra to have the Internet connection with it? If so, do you pay for a data limit?
2. Does it come with WiFi and 3G connectivity, or are they separate contracts?
3. Is a long-term contract required?
4. Do you get a lower iPad rate with a contract?
5. Is it as expensive as an iPhone as far as monthly rates?


1) the internet connection is dependant on either your house wi-fi or local wi-fi spot, or a 3G contract.
2) the basic model comes with either wi-fi only, or wi-fi and 3G together. wi-fi is free, but the internet connection must be separately paid for. just like using the internet on your pc or laptop
3) for 3G, which is out and about roaming internet, a rolling month on month contract is all thats needed. usually around 10 bucks a month. wi-fi is completely free of course.
4) 3g is basically for peeps who want internet whilst out and about and are not within wi-fi range. prices are fairly standard.
5) coudlnt answer that exactly as i dont have a mobile phone, but i'd suspect the ipad 3g contract is cheaper as you'ere not also paying for phone calls as well
I got the WiFi only iPad because I didn't want to pay for two 3G data services. Be aware that the WiFi only doesn't have GPS, if that is of concern to you. There are a coupe of Bluetooth GPS recievers, specifically for the iPad. Not all Bluetooth GPS will work with the iPad.

I use WiFi at home and tether (via WiFi) to my work's 3G WiFi router when when away from home and WiFi is not available. You can tether to many mobile phones (to avoid the need for a second data service) but I believe that some Telcos don't allow it. I am pretty sure that the iPhone provides tethering and I know that my Samsung Galaxy S2 does.
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Is there a way to watch a movie of any kind while traveling - like Interstate travel - without 3G service?
Is there a way to watch a movie of any kind while traveling - like Interstate travel - without 3G service?

Yes. You can either load DVDs on your iPad using a DVD ripper program, or purchase movies through iTunes and download these before your trip.

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