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Back & Forth (New: iPAD/iPhone, $0.99, Single Player, Multi-Player, Daily Word Game)


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Sep 4, 2011
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Back & Forth is unlike any word game you have ever played. Highly addictive, remarkably innovative this is not your mamma’s word search!

Use the power of gravity, in every direction to dynamically change your board as you spell words forward, backward, vertically, horizontally & diagonally. With a simple twist of your device, gravity pulls on the tiles and drops them in new patterns.

Rearrange your tiles further through the signature “Back & Forth” move where one simple swipe forces two tiles to swap places.

Simple? Yes.
Challenging? Absolutely!

Play as an individual to hone your skills

Or play the 3 Minute Daily Challenge to refine your lightning quick reflexes

And then play against an opponent to show them how much words can hurt!

Back & Forth features:
  • Completely new word game design concept
  • Tiles respond to rotation of the board falling and forming new words
  • Back & Forth motion to swap tiles
  • Single Player mode offers 24 uniquely hand crafted puzzles!
  • Daily Mode offers a new challenge every day where you have just 3 minutes to post your best score online against the world!
  • Two Multiplayer Modes offer friends or other game center players an exciting twist where a shared board is wiped out by both players at once!
  • 21 Game Center Achievements!
  • 24 Game Center Leaderboards!
  • Beautiful custom music and sounds effects by Dren McDonald!
  • iPhone 4 High Resolution Graphics
  • Unique iPAD interface, but still the same great game play, all in one package!


iTunes Link App Store - Back & Forth

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Back & Forth 1.2 Update Released!

Version 1.2 has been released!

The update included:
  • Pause the daily game for devices that support fast app switching!
  • iPhone users can now start a new daily game from the leaderboard or game history screens (they still wish they were using an iPAD though! :))
  • Added the Welsh Flag for daily mode.
  • Minor UI Tweaks based on user feedback
  • Added the help options during in-game play

Want to see something new? Feel free to drop me a note or reply to this thread and I will try to add it in for a future update.
Update 1.3 is out!

Version 1.3 Update:
  • Fixed an issue on daily game where the game wasn't resetting correctly after closing down
  • Updated Back & Forth reward levels!
    • 4-6 Letter words are worth 1 Back & Forth
    • 7-9 Letter words are worth 2 Back & Forth's
    • 10 Letter words are worth 3 Back & Forth's

Version 1.4 coming very soon will have a new unlimited time daily mode!

Version 1.5 will introduce 24 new puzzles!

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