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App that allows delayed video playback


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Feb 11, 2012
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I'm trying to find an app for my ipad2 that will allow me to film something which automatically plays back about 10 seconds later.

The idea is that I can do something, film it and then watch it back straight afterwards...

Any help would be fantastic

Thanks Andy
I've been wanting that for more than a year. If you find something useful, please post it.
I think I have just the app you need. It's called Bust a Move Video Delay (BaM Video Delay).

It shows what just happened with a delay up to 2 minutes. There is a 2x2 mode where you can have 4 separate views with separate delays. This way you can see something up to 4 times in a row if needed. Also you can switch to the back camera. This way the person watching is not blocking the camera so someone else can doing something in front of it.

Hope this is exactly what you two wanted :)
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