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App Icon - Comments please

Kevin W

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Jan 12, 2011
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Hi everyone,

We're currently in the process of building an app and would love some feedback on our icon design. Any comment would be helpful thanks, it's a 3d wallpaper app:


Many thanks in advance
Thanks, not sure if it stands out enough to get noticed, I guess we can try a few variations....

What do you think on why an a certain app icon jumps out at you and what draws your attention, be fascinated to hear your opinions...

Thanks again
The less busy, the better in most cases. I gravitate towards app icons that are clean and easy to identify on sight. Most of the ones I have trouble locating on my phone or iPad are the busier ones that try to do too much in a half-inch square! Too much text, not hi-res, or too much detail gets lost to my searching eyes.
You can't see much when it is small

It is very misleading to show a large icon, when it reality if it is for an iPhone or iPAD it becomes very small. like in here:

you need to put the 3D title on as much clearer background as possible.
Hi peled and that's a fair point, it certainly wasn't my intention.

How about these?


These are at 72px x 72px which is the correct ipad size.

Many thanks for your comments
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is my favorite. It is the most easily readable in the milliseconds that people browsing the app store usually think about it.
I really like app icons that the text or pic fits within the box and has empty area on the edges. IMHO
Thanks guys, really appreciate your comments.

With the app release coming in the next few weeks, We've revised a few things and come up with this new design.

Thoughts would be greatly welcomed...


Thanks alot everyone

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