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Anyone using Procreate?


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Feb 14, 2019
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central Kentucky
I know I brought it up before..but.....I would love to see a thread on this app. I just bought it Sunday night, and will use it as soon as get my hands on an Apple Pencil ( never whining about $3 a piece Prismacolors again!)...I have been talking to the devs, and watching/ saving online tutorials. It looks awesome, and is used professionally in real world companies, the movie poster for Logan was done on an iPad with this app! So,I’m in good company.New iPad 6 here, bought mostly for my square reader contactless, but also this purpose.. Hoping to hear from ya. L
I love Procreate! It’s my go-to sketchbook. The layers allow simple ideas to build upon. Here are a couple of drawings I did of my dog and Captain America I made for my granddaughter. I’ve loved sketching since childhood but I’m still a rank amateur, but I love the iPad+Procreate :)
I am a watercolor artist and use Procreate for all my preliminary sketching. I like being able to draw each component of a composition separately and then insert, resize, move objects around until satisfied. I then print it out to the dimensions I want and transfer(trace) to watercolor paper. There are great tutorials available for Procreate. I dont begin to utilize its full capability
Awesome stuff I love the responses! I’ve been an illustrator/sculptor for years, and have never really dabbled in digital art. I have photoshop, but needed a tablet and stylus to use with it. This was a brilliant solution to that issue. I’ve talked to the developers, and they are very friendly and helpful. I get my  pencil this afternoon. I also saved tutorials to learn from. Looks like fun! This was hand drawn, but it’s a sample.....1281FD1F-F5E0-4004-A3D6-357CA75A087F.jpeg
Ok, got the pencil. Cool little thing! A few questions: 1) Is it true that if the battery drains completely, and sits,the thing dies. 2) If I have a longish period of non use, can I just turn off the Bluetooth to keep it from waking up, and running down? 3) Who picked the micro font for the package inserts? Is this meant to be read by ants? I had to use a jeweler’s loud to read it! Still need to try the bugger out this afternoon, but at least looking at and holding it, I’m pleased.
It will shut itself off after a while if it is not moved or the battery gets too low. A low battery, shut off, is not an empty battery. The Pencil should be fine for a good while after the battery goes low. Not months, but certainly weeks.

It only takes a minute plugged into the iPad or a charge to give you about an hour of use.

My Pencil ran low fairly often, because I kept it in my backpack where it got moved a lot when not in use. Still works, and I often failed to use it for weeks at a time.

Note: If the Pencil is not responding, plug it into the iPad for a few seconds. If it hasn’t been used in a while it sometimes needs to repair.
OMG! That is the coolest thing I have ever used. Handles EXACTLY like a pencil. Just doodled around in notes to get the feel of the thing. Played for maybe 30 minutes, and still at 100%. I need to get a little silicone retainer for the cap, but otherwise.....perfect!

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