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Ten Days with the new iPad


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Dec 28, 2010
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A quick review of our thoughts on Apple's newest tablet we have the 32 Gb WiFi only model.

Reviewers myself the wife and our 15 yr old son.

This is compared against our iPad 1. Also 32gb wifi only.

Reviewer 1. The wife. Main use online shopping web surfing and the very occasional game ( mahjong ). She found the new ipad Slightly quicker loading web pages pictures appeared sharper and text is more clear. Main app use is Zinio online magazines again noticeable difference from iPad 1 graphics "seems more appealing somehow". However having used the new ipad now for more than a week overall the iPad 1 still fitted the bill for what she needed and so can see no great reason for the new purchase money could have been better spent elsewhere.

Reviewer 2. Our Son. Main uses Facebook and games. Facebook app no difference looks and works the same. Games --- WOW big difference from iPad 1 HD gaming just got a whole load better. games play faster ? Graphics on HD are "awesome". Now spends time looking through the app store at game reviews no more Xbox for a while. Verdict "glad you brought this dad ! " worthwhile upgrade from iPad 1.

Reviewer 3. ME. Main uses - all of the above plus very light word processor use with Pages. Lots of email. Netflix using composite cable to TV. Stream video from our WiFi enable HHD using air video again this is output via composite cable to TV. E reader using Kindle app. Word processing is fine using pages getting docs on and off the iPad is a pain but it the same as iPad 1 so nothing changed there. Email client is still very usable and indeed I use it all the time. kindle app I really like and use a lot the new HD screen and revamped app makes this even more attractive. Output to our TV for Netflix and air video works fine no complaints it does the job. We don't really use the iPad to actually watch films on itself although we can all see the difference in picture quality between the two iPads the new iPad being so much more sharp and clear to my eyes any way.

Some final thoughts I hope the app devs bring out free upgrades to their existing games for the HD display and not recharge us for something we already have I am already noticing some HD game upgrades have a price tag. All in all a worthwhile upgrade at least for us we skipped the iPad 2 so this make sense for our new purchase we are getting a great HD screen and that really is the biggest deal here for us. The re sell value of our iPad 1 is still quite good so has off set the price a little as its now been sold on. We are now waiting for our eldest son to get broadband installed at his new address so we can face time as he has the iPhone 4 we are looking forward to that. Not had any of the problems mentioned on these forums no over heating issues no backlight bleed haven't found the size or weight to be a problem so all good so far.

So that's our take on the new iPad hope you all get as much enjoyment out of this piece of glass and chrome as we do.....

Diane B

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May 8, 2010
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North Carolina
I find the Ipad 1 to 3 a big upgrade for me. The uptick in speed alone makes me very happy. Being a photographer the screen is a joy. I have gazillions of upgrades to apps, all free but I don't game.

I'm not sure about OP's issue with getting docs to Ipad but using a PC, I drag my files into Dropbox there, open Dropbox and open the files in one of my office suite apps (Office HD or Quickoffice) or in Goodreader.

Everything is quick on Ipad 3 and NO crashes. That alone is a joy. Also, video editing and photo processing apps work quickly and don't crash.

I kept my Ipad 1 to replace my aging Touch and stream music from Pandora and Rhapsody and load all my Rhapsody music for offline listening and the Ipad one works well in car slipped beside my seat while connected to radio. My husband kept his one as he doesn't "push" his as I do. I'm very very happy to have upgraded from One to Three.

Diane B

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