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All iWork crashes upon everytime i use them


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Apr 12, 2012
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Hello i just bought my ipad and i needed so bad to have all iWork line(Keynote,Numbers,Pages) from my Mac but i didnt realized that it was for iOS 5.1 and my iPad is 5.0.1 and i dont want to upgrade to 5.1 because of untethered jailbreak anyway, i had to download one version before that works on my iPad, i found 1.5 version downloaded and installed on my iPad, so i open it executes fine but when i using any of its functions, let's say i'm using Keynote

I create a new file and create a table and right when i want to input text on the table and i just not crash but i see no keyboard to type and anything on the screen works nothing its like its frozen just like any PC or Mac can get frozen, this happen with any Numbers,Keynote or Pages. I can not edit a keynote or number file because it gets frozen.

Is it because of jailbreak? Is it because of a known bug on this version(1.5) or what could be happening?

Thanks in advance, i need it so bad :(


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Can't really help you.

Perhaps a Mod will move this to the Hacking section where it is more likely to get the right people's attention.

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