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Adding Friends


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Feb 3, 2012
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In a house
Hello, I am looking for friends to add in the games I play.
I play:
Men vs Machines (Don't Play Often)
Level: 11
Head Armor: Widget Mask
Torso Armor: Parlor Vest
Leg Armor: Combat Pants
Weapon 1:EMT-35 Flamer
Weapon 2: Sawmill

Gun Bros. (Play Often)
Level: 72
Head Armor: Infinity Armor Revolution 3
Torso Armor: Infinity Armor
Leg Armor: Infinity Armor Revolution 2
Weapon 1: Predator
Weapon 2: Coronal Ejector

Eternity Warriors (Play Often)
Warrior Level: 31
Mage Level: 15
Warrior Head Armor: Dragon's Helm
Mage Head Armor: Crimson Hood
Warrior Torso Armor: Dungeon Chestplate
Mage Torso Armor: Crimson Chestpiece
Warrior Leg Armor: Dungeon Legguards
Mage Leg Armor: Crimson Leggings
Warrior Weapon 1: Iced Blades of Chaos
Warrior Weapon 2: Stinging Vipers (Soon to be Wrath of Fire and Ice)
Mage Weapon: Staff of Fiery Essence


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