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My Weekly Top 10 Games


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Jul 13, 2012
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Hey guys, I'm currently new to the society here though I want to share my favored games, this may not be or may be of your interest, but you can tell me your favorite games aswell, and I'll have a look at it. I'm always open to suggestions. And I will be editing this thread whenever I have the time, because I am a little bit busy, so I can supply my Top 10 Games, although sometimes it may contain some games from the previous list. If you have some games to suggest or just like my games, or even have a question, just leave a comment.

I will give you the name of the game and a short description about it. (Can be sometimes inaccurate since I'm not much of a critic, just an honest player)

My Top 10 Weekly Games - 07/14/2012 (In no specific order)

1. Asphalt 7 (Racing) - Asphalt 7 is the current successor of the Asphalt titles and is still providing more cars each time. The gameplay is good, and the graphics is good enough, although not much for realism. It still provides cars from different tiers, great gameplay modes, one of the best racing games I've ever played.

2. Chaos Rings II (Role-Playing) - Chaos Rings II is another successor game from the Chaos Rings titles, another great RPG game, although the lack of maximum characters that can go in a single battle (which is 2) and the monsters that you battle might be alot, the monsters are what I think is just repetitive just having different colors or having a few more details, but the compelling story makes up for it, the interface is good and alot of ways to battle, like going onto a single move or paired moved, an Advent mode on paired mode, etc. And the items and equipments are also just fine. And the graphics are quite good aswell.

3. Civilization Revolution (Simulation) - Now this game is quite great although quite short I'd say. You start off with having 1 settlement and your on your own in building your own civilizations, having 4 different ways to establish your civilization such as destroying the others, building a space rocket and etc. This requires deep strategy on higher game modes, you can be playing for hours with this game.

4. Grand Theft Auto 3 (Adventure/Sandbox) - The ol' Grand Theft Auto on iPad, ah the joy!, nothing have changed really. It's still the old typical sandbox mission games like the one on PC. If you have played it on the PC you can try playing it on the iPad aswell. If you haven't let me give you a little information, Grand Theft Auto 3 on the iPad is a sandbox type game where you can freely roam the streets if you want, or going to missions of you want to unfold the story. You can typically beat innocent people up, steal cars, be a good guy and take on side missions like being a firefighter and etc.

5. Kingdom Rush (Tower-Defense) - Kingdom Rush is a tower defense type with a twist! Although it only has 4 basic towers, there is alot of upgrades that can be chosen from, although limited in powerups, it's still a great game, the twist is that you can block the road with your warriors while yours long range weaponry which is the 3 others towers can pummel 'em. you can also call in an extra help which provides 2 farmers (which with upgrades grows into spear-throwing men). Adequate number of levels but you can finish in Normal Mode, Gauntlet Mode, and Experts Mode, which has it's own different set of requirements, and you can buy heroes aswell.

6. Infinity Blade II (Action/Adventure) - Infinity Blade II is the successor of the Infinity Blade titles, as the usual they provide high def quality graphics, the story is still not quite much good though, might be slightly longer but still a little short. With the tap and slash type controls, it gives you limited movement (which I think is really limited since you only stand on one spot, unless you budge your opponent). But the tons of items that you need to unlock and master and many different type of opponents to defeat, it will still take you days (on a full 24 hour playing game) to finish the whole game and be satisfied.

7. Quarrel (Word/Strategy) - Quarrel is not just your average word game, it is now mixed with a strategy type game, where you must choose properly on which lands to colonize first to build a good army, and it provides cute characters, and the gameplay is good, can be played on online multiplayer with friends and other random people, it is quite competitive.

8. Amazing Spiderman (Sandbox/Adventure) - Just like Grand Theft Auto, except the parts of stealing cars, beating innocent people, etc. This is also basically a sandbox game where you can free roam the streets through walking or web slinging and web swinging (Spiderman's way of travel), you can do two types of missions, the Main Mission (Story Missions) and the Random Events (Where random events occur, like random gang rampage, helping a civilian to the hospital, etc.). The graphics of the characters are quite good, not really on the cars and the towers and maybe some others, but it also has a great gameplay.

9. Where's My Water? (Arcade/Strategy) - Where's my Water is one of the few arcade games that I really play, it's quite addictive, quite simple but tons of fun for me. Where you find paths of delivering the water to the crocodile while avoiding some obstacles like moving platforms, and moving acids, you can also combine different kind of liquids to come up with something and finish the level.

10. Tap Tap Revenge 4 (Rhythm) - One of the best games I've ever played! Maybe because I like Rhythm games, although it is not made to utilize the screen resolution of the iPad, but still it's also simple and very fun! Only so much I can say, and it's Free. :thumbs:

Candidates for the next update:
1. Dungeon Defenders
2. Hunters 2
3. Sid Meier's Pirates
4. Plague Inc.
5. Modern Combat 3

If you would like to suggest or tell me some ways to improve how I can say or interpret the games like I was thinking of giving it a score also, so just leave a comment.

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