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Add MicroSD Card Support to Your iPad With Leef iAccess


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Leef iAccess.JPG
BGR has news today of a way that you can use a microSD card with your iPhone. It’s called Leef iAccess, from the makers of the iBridge iOS memory expansion accessory, and it’s a dongle that enables you to expand the storage on your iPhone and iPad, and in fact any iOS device with a Lightning port. You’ll also need a separate microSD card in order for it to work.

The discreet, J-shaped drive comes in “Apple white,” and costs just $49.99. It’s available online here: Leef Mobile Memory, and also at Amazon.

“Leef iAccess is all about the on-the-fly transfer of content from GoPros, drones or cameras to iOS devices,” said David Smurthwaite, partner at Leef. “To date, the other solution for transferring content has been WiFi or Bluetooth, which are klunky and slow. Leef products are unique, making transfers much quicker and easier without worrying about connectivity or cables.”

Source: How to add microSD card support to your iPhone 6s


iPF Novice
Nov 12, 2010
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I wonder how it is that third party suppliers can get such SD card readers to work on an iPhone whereas the Apple own brand Lightning SD Card Reader capability is disabled on iPhone 6? (works OK on my iPad Air)


iPF Noob
Apr 3, 2016
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SDXC Lexar 64 GB using Leef Iaccess plugin to I-pad.

I have a micro SDXC Lexar 64 GB.

It is currently ExFat formatted by default when I bought it new from Staples.
Leef iAccess iOS microSD Reader
Lexar® microSDHC™/microSDXC™ cards | Lexar

I can mount it and access it with my Windows 7 and Windows Xp pcs..

I have mp3 files on it already in a folder and I can play it on Windows Media PLayer using my computer.

Can't access it using iaccess reader on my I-pad.

It won't recognize it or mount when I insert micro sd card to Leef Iaccess micro sd card reader and plugin to my I-pad.

What do I need to do to make it work ?
Do I need to upgrade firmware (iAccess_v1.2.14.zip.) or format it under Fat32 ?



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