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Acme Made Slick review


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Mar 25, 2010
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After a long wait, I finally have my Slick in hand. I thought I would post my initial impression here. Looks well made, nothing fancy. Worth the price for an item made for something new like the iPad. A few months, the price can be expected to drop a little, as is normal.

It is solid and should provide decent protection. It should make a good carrier for work. On the negative side, the side storage was not a pouch as I anticipated from the photos, but a panel held by elastic straps. Good for a paper pad or other flat object, but not for loose items. The elastic straps that hold it in place do a good job, but block the orientation lock and one of the speaker ports. It also does not make a big improvement over how it is held long term, but gives more confidence it will not slip. It will serve me well until I can find the perfect case, or have one made.

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