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Accessing Shared Folders on PC from iPad and iPhone


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Oct 22, 2014
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I just thought that I would post this here, as it may help others.

I have a couple of PCs with Windows 7, both with shared folders that I access from my iPad and iphones via both FileBrowser and Readdle Documents.

A very recent Windows security update, which I installed yesterday, has stopped access to the shared folders, even between the PCs, with a message to the effect that the handle is invalid. This is a problem that others are experiencing for both Windows 7 and 10. The update is KB4480970 or I think came to me as part of KB4481480. Uninstalling KB4480970 seems to have rectified the problem for the moment.

I hope that this helps others who may have been as perplexed as me as to why I suddenly could not access the shared folders.

Btw, I will post this in the sister iPhone/ iPad forum.

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