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A week in the life of an Android user.


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Apr 28, 2011
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I'm very comfortable with various file systems so apples refusal to enable an advanced mode in their idevices is a real downer. I would not even mind iTunes that much if it worked. But to play music videos in sequence I have to trick iTunes into thinking they are tv Shows, however try dragging them there and that does not work. It just copies them as movies. So you have to play tricks with it. Then there is the lack of codecs. Then there is the tricks you need to play with documents.

There is nothing unfixable about iTunes and I am sure apple will have to fix it to compete with windows 8. Those kinds of obvious flaws are something microsoft would not let out the door these days. Though a few years ago they probably would have (zune).

That said iTunes is still easier to use for 80% of people out there than any file system. Sad but true.

That's the crazy thing: iTunes is very fixable, and it doesn't make sense to me why Apple hasn't done it. For a company that prides itself on attention to detail and ease of use, I'd consider iTunes an embarrassment.


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Mar 25, 2010
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I find iTunes very usable. My music downloaded with ease, and I have never lost anything. My photos are in iPhoto, and used to be in Kodak's version. Never any maor issues. iTunes simply moves the files as you need. It could improve, but I do not see it being a big fault. The only issue I might have is not being able to make apps and books work on my Mac system. That is not an iTunes issue. It used to be that when you burned a CD, you could create albums. That ability was lost a few versions ago, but since I do not burn CDs any more, I have not noticed it being gone.

The problem is that the more functions they add to iTunes, the more complicated it gets, and the more complaints they get. And yes, sometimes you need to tweak thngs to make them work for you. I find it irritating when one song in a group/album has a data set that is incompatible with the other songs. Often it happens when the album has more than one singer. I have never understood doing compilations, but I find ways to get it to work. At issue is the fact that iTunes is a huge data base and sometimes sorting gets more complex than the program is capable of. They try to make it work for the dummies like me, and also for those who are into geek talk. Sometimes they succeed. When they don't they catch a lot of flak.


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Apr 6, 2012
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EvilMonkey said:
Somewhat surprised how non-fanboyish this thread is.

As pointed out, both OS's offer pluses and minuses. The issue with Android is (and always will be) the vast array of devices and hardware. But that's the price you pay for freedom of choice (price, carriers, screen sizes, physical/virtual keyboards, etc). Assuming you buy a decent phone, the experience is just fine. On the other hand, Apple's closed ecosystem is great for consistency, but they also (IMO) cater to the lowest common denominator by dumbing everything down. Great for my wife and parents...not so great for me as every time I pick up my iPad, I am reminded how restricted it is. Apple devices are also decent for accessories (such as stereo docks, etc) since there's the "one size fits all" mindset. For example, I doubt Android will ever see a dedicated aisle in stores for accessories...too wide a range of shapes and sizes for manufacturers.

As said, both have their pros and cons. I personally like both, but just prefer Android for my personal wants and needs (plus, I love to customize it to make the phone work for me....and it might be shallow but I like to show off my phone. No desire to ever look at someone's iPhone since the only thing different about it is the wallpaper and the icons arranged differently....as said, great for consistency from user-to-user, but not for individuality).

I am looking forward to the Google tablet to see what it offers for an Android experience (although it just got delayed).

As for the OP, not sure how Android is to blame for Verizon misleading you about the update.

Actually it was more Motorola not Verizon misleading people, I've just never experienced this with Apple. Would Apple state there was an update on a specific day and then not release it without any explanation? Or would they allow one of their carriers to say there was an update without Apple first announcing it?
I've got no complaints with Android in general, just the fragmentation and not knowing what is happening with future plans for updating devices.

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