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A solution for remote torrent management?


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Oct 6, 2010
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Munich, Germany
Hi there, I just wonder if there's any solution for remote torrent management. I'm thinking about buying some NAS server and I'm looking for an advice on type/brand and iPad app for management. I want to 1) manage torrent downloads - adding them, manage the dowloads and 2) manage direct downloads from sites like RapidShare, HotFile, etc.

My current settings:
MacBook Pro with latest iOS
some Win7 notebooks available as well
iPad on 4.2 beta 2
iPhones 4
VDSL FritzBox 7390 - this one allows attaching USB HDD and thus creating NAS storage, but it is only accessible through FTP or VPN via IPSEC and I do not know how to make it work with iPad....

Thanks in advance for your advise!!!

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