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A simple question to start with, thanks...


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Mar 12, 2013
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HI everyone, I'm about to get serious about making music on my new iPad 2, but my first question is hopefully straightforward. I'm a gigging musician who uses backing tracks that I create in my own home studio (drums, bass, etc using Protools) and I've been using a laptop and iTunes as a playback device. Now I'm hoping to use the iPad, which I can place right beside me on a stand.

So I'm looking for an MP3 player app that will play one track in a playlist and stop at the end. For example, I have a playlist with 70+ backing tracks and when I select one, play the song, I don't want the media player to continue onto the next song.

However, during breaks in my performance I play playlists as background music and in this case I do want the playback to be continuous. iTunes on my PC does this by checking (ticking) or unchecking songs in each playlist, but of course I've discovered that iTunes on the iPad is a completely different thing.

Any suggestions please?


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