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3G or Wi Fi?



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Apr 22, 2011
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TSL88 said:
What I normally do when I'm using Wi-fi I turn off the cellular data and when I'm not near Wi-fi I'll turn it back on and use the cellular data

DefBref said:
There is absolutely no reason to do this!

If a wifi signal is present and the ipad is connected, it will always use this over a 3g connection. Even if the 3g is a stronger/faster signal.

SweetPoison said:

As was recently discussed in a similar thread:

When the iPad is awake, it uses Wifi over 3G, but when it is asleep, it uses 3G over wifi. This is just something to keep in mind, when leaving 3G on all the time.
I did end up turning off the 3G while I was at work because I didn't want it using up too much of my 250MB allotment as we'll be going out of town later this week and may use quite a bit. I had signed into a Wi Fi connection when I first got in, or at least thought I had. So I'm not sure when or why it switched over to 3G.

I think turning it off can be useful if you're using it while doing other things and don't want to keep looking to make sure it hasn't dropped Wi Fi and switched over to 3G on it's own without you noticing, if that's possible.

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