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2nd round of screen comparisons going on in my house today


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Feb 23, 2012
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Second set of people ( just 3) happen to be in my home today and of course none are iPad funatics like my family. Except my son's buddy which was involved in last nights comparison session. It has been unanimous at this point that the new Retina display is considerably sharper ,brighter, color enhanced and contrasts...just a whole lot nicer. Better no, nicer yes. At first you don't think it's anything worth upgrading over and that is obviously due to ipad2's screen being so dam nice to use. I love my ipad2. Never had the original but I'll bet it's awesome.
When I compare the new ,gorgeous ipad3 wallpapers found now in side by side, matched settings it is so freakin obvious what Apple created here. Retina for iPhone s a cool feature but IMO iPad and larger is what it was really meant to run on. It enables me to confidently sate to any individual who says its nothing special enough to upgrade over that upgrading is their choice but there's nobody with 20/20 vision or who wears glasses that can say retina is not at least , at least 50% better in all display related categories. It's that special. Nobody who has compared these wallpapers ( and black on white text ) says any less. Sometimes there is some over stating IMO of how highly defined the screen is. I am pretty much done with my opinions of people's opinions. I witnessed 11 reliable people's examination of it in detail.
Now it's time to sit back and put the magnifying glass away until new technology appears. How much better an image can get is anyone's guess. My guess is not at all. This is what an Apple funatic's opinion is, overkill, redundant and prejudice. Sue me.

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