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16-32-64gig....which size?!?!

I have a 64gb iPad 2 and I do store my music, photos and videos on it so I only have about 17gb left...oh, and I have a lot of audiobooks as well stored. I would say that 80% is audio related. Good choice on upgrading urs!
Better to buy the one with more storage and not need it, then to buy the one with little storage and need more!

iPad2 64gb 3G Verizon white.
Well, that didn't take long. Stopped in at the apple store today and they just happened to have a white 32gb iPad. Picked it up and canceled my shipment. I am loving it. Thanks for all the advice! The wait for a week was bad enough, I was going to have to wait another 3 weeks for the shipment.....phew
16 gig for sure. I feel movies are a bit unecessary on any phone or tablet.
One or two is fine, but a collection is a bit over the top. Would you really have time for it? If the answer is no just get a 16gb.
I started out with a 16GB iPad and realized that with just movies on it alone, I was running out of room quickly. I hesitated on it a bit, but went and exchanged it for the 64GB version and am a lot happier with the space for all of my kids movies as well as all of my apps.

I would agree that you could get by with just 16GB, but you really have to manage that on a daily basis.

To me the $200 investment is worth it.

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