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16 GB or 32 GB

All of the advice is good and I always say that you should get the most you can afford, because you are likely to need it.

However if your finances are such that it is this tough of a decision, then maybe it would be best to use the iPad you got.
If you own an iPod then you dont need more than 16 GB because your iPad wont be used for music but for apps and surfing the web.
I used to have a 32 GB iPad i exchanged it for 16 GB wifi+ 3G.

Because my music library is small
I opted for the 32GB model as I have a lot of music and photos but little video storage. If you've an iPhone as well be selective with the apps you put on the iPad. Go for the ones that you can't have on the iPhone, and use them as two seperate devices. I shall probably use iPhone only in future for all music, once I get into what the iPad really can do!
I bought myself a 32GB WiFi because I wasn't sure how much I'd use it. Now I'm wishing I had stopped being a cheapskate and got the 64GB model.

I pretty much use my iPad like I would use my netbook, but more and a lot easier. It goes everywhere with me now.

I vote you upgrade to 32GB now. It'll become a device you use more and more and can still grow with you. I'm already planning an upgrade with version 2.0 next year. Till then I can just shuffle my media in and out hoping I didn't leave that one file I wanted at home.
Hey, thanks for all your great advice. I finally made my decision and went for the 32 GB. It's the wifi version. The only problem now is I can't get it to sync to my computer. When I plugged the ipad into my G5 Mac computer, it said I had to upgrade my iTunes to iTunes 10. When I tried to open the iTunes pkg. it said "Open Failed, couldn't open install itunes pkg because it requires Mac OS X 10.5." My computer couldn't download that version. Is my computer too old to sync my new ipad?
I'm no expert on Mac, but the biggest problem with the Apple iDevices is that you must have a computer to activate them with. If you don't have a modern Mac or PC, you can ask the folks at the Apple store to help you activate it there. In the long run you will need a computer with iTunes to backup and update your iPad.
Well I was able to sync my iPad with the Mac computer at my place of work. It had the latest OS X version so it was able to download iTunes 10. Now I'm learning all the great things this device can do.

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