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Recent content by Rog

  1. Rog

    Another NEWBY question

    Update this looks like an easy fix for previous AirPrint users: How To: Enable AirPrint on Windows (32/64Bit) with iOS 5.x Support - MacRumors Forums
  2. Rog

    Another NEWBY question

    There is a program AirPrint, that could be installed on a windows pc that would allow printing on just about any shared locally networked printer. It was officially broken with the introduction of iOS 5. I just revisited this and discovered someone had found a workaround. I just fixed mine and...
  3. Rog

    Ipad 2 smart cover is horrible!

    I'm surprised you had to purchase it to figure that out. Your iPad is still cool though.
  4. Rog

    Problem with pages - westlaw

    Have you tried the Westlaw app?
  5. Rog

    Really Big Icons

    Sounds like a an accessibility feature. Try double tapping with three fingers.
  6. Rog


    Probably in iPod app under podcasts.
  7. Rog

    Real noob mistake

    Yes, I'd google "iTunes refund".
  8. Rog

    The new iOS Lion

    Like most upgrades I think it boils down to personal opinion. Read about all of the 250+ features and decide for yourself. Without research you are setting yourself up for disappointment. After your research I'm sure you'll make the right choice.
  9. Rog

    iPad sd connector... How do I get it working again?

    The iPad camera kit works sweet.
  10. Rog

    FaceTime Question

    FaceTime with video is only available on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and apple laptops and computers with webcams.
  11. Rog

    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    Why I don't jailbreak. I went thru the "changing all the icons" phase with windows 3.1. I went through the "changing and modifying the shell" with windows 95. I'm happy using it just as it was designed. I don't buy a car and put load pipes, shiny wheels or bumper stickers on it. I don't...
  12. Rog

    I am new here as well as to Apple

    If you can connect the HtC phone to your PC and it shows up as a drive with a DCIM folder that contains the photos you will not have to remove the sdcard. You just use the USB adapter that comes with the ipad camera kit and use it with the HtC's USB cable to import your photos.
  13. Rog

    I am new here as well as to Apple

    You could use the iPad camera kit to import photos from the iPhone to the iPad.
  14. Rog

    iOS has security problem?

    That's probably the built-in hole that allows the US government to spy on all iOS users. Why worry about it, we've got nothing to hide........right?
  15. Rog

    Flash & silverlight

    The short answer is no. I use the xfinity app.