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  1. PinkPrincess

    Ipad 2 Zagg Screen Protector

    just a heads up what ever you do don't buy belkin's clear screen protector there £14.99 and are awful what a waste of money :(
  2. PinkPrincess

    caseen iPadForums Welcome + Introduces iPad 3rd Gen Case Lineup + Free Case GIVEAWAY

    welcome to :) It has to be the "caseen Retro Pink Plaid Smart Case Cover". The hand strap is a must for me when choosing my next case when reading etc the ipad can become very heavy and awkward when holding. Also when in the "stand up" position the case does not touch the...
  3. PinkPrincess

    Strange signs

  4. PinkPrincess

    New iPad transferring movies from iTunes to iPad

    +1 kevin My friend had this problem , unable to "drag n drop" and it was because the file (movie) was not the right format for ipad to read i.e h.264 , mpeg4 etc. Once formatted you can "drag n drop" best of luck :)
  5. PinkPrincess

    Beware of CRACKLE!

    Thank you i will keep this in mind :)
  6. PinkPrincess

    [WINNERS] ZDAY Zombie Survival Simulator

    Thank you ever so much , all done :)
  7. PinkPrincess

    [WINNERS] ZDAY Zombie Survival Simulator

    lol i tried gooley'ing to see what i do with the key (blush). If anyone could help with what i have to do id greatly appreciate it thank you
  8. PinkPrincess

    [WINNERS] ZDAY Zombie Survival Simulator

    :D Thank you Chris, i will really look forward to playing the game. Nice fun contest well done to all the winners!!
  9. PinkPrincess

    [GIVEAWAY] ZDAY Zombie Survival Simulator

    It would have to be tony and guys hairdressers ( endless coffee ) also superdrugs is next door hair straightners (ghd's) lots of shoes , handbags , nail varnish and make up ( you can never have enough) my ipad 2 and iphone ( that goes without saying )...... I mean i will have to pop on
  10. PinkPrincess

    Playing shows from ipad2 to tv

    hi , you will need the Apple digital av adaptor thats hd 1080p or for bit cheaper theres the Apple Composite AV Cable You could buy apples own OR put that in ebay search you can get them bit cheaper , hope this helped . Good look :)
  11. PinkPrincess

    Blank icons after jailbreak

    so did everybody reboot and this did not work after a while ? , Like did they come back Thanks PP
  12. PinkPrincess

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Twitter @p0sixninja Blown away by all your support of Absinthe! Web server not as happy though... GP site WILL be back up soon w/ windows version added too! GP (Greenp0ision site) edit a few hours max !
  13. PinkPrincess

    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 on 5.0.1 with Absinthe

    The CLI tool for windows has been released its meant for debugging but can jailbreak , think ill hang fire and wait for the Absinthe program as i noticed Absinthe already got update last night because of issues etc , It's here thats fab but im in no rush id rather wait and see how it goes...
  14. PinkPrincess

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    I'm wondering if any1 could give me conformation ... i got my ipad 2 at xmas with ios 5.0.1 already installed has anyone tried jailbreaking with a ipad 2 which came with ios 5.0.1 i know it prob wont make a diffrence but id like to be just sure , cant be to careful :)
  15. PinkPrincess

    Help with setting up my new IPad 2

    LOL @ ME what a idiot typical of me to dive in without reading it right 1st omg! i even went into full length discription , i even googled what english meant in german LOL!!! Sorry :o