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Recent content by JohnnyApple

  1. JohnnyApple

    Anyone else not able to logon via Tapatalk?

    Didn't have the plugin installed yet but now it is! Thank you!
  2. JohnnyApple

    Tim Cook Email Explains Why Apple Won't Help Hack Shooter's iPhone

    I'm very glad that Apple is taking this stand. It's necessary to protect us, their users and customers. The government is trying to be heavy handed and is using a tragedy to try and slip it past everyone. Shameful.
  3. JohnnyApple

    This forum software

    In case anyone else is wondering, you can change the style at this URL: Style Chooser | Apple iPad Forum Or there is a selector near the footer of the page, it should say "iPadForums - UI.X" if you click on that, the selector should pop up.
  4. JohnnyApple

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Playing Halo 5 on XBox 1 right now.
  5. JohnnyApple

    Web Redirect issue

    This is most likely an issue with your ISP provided router trying to "take over" some of your search traffic so they can make money.
  6. JohnnyApple

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    Congratulations to you guys, I'm slightly jealous :)
  7. JohnnyApple

    Problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded

    We are still trying to figure out the reload problem some people are having.
  8. JohnnyApple

    iPad 2 Display problem

    Thank you for the follow up and the update! I'm sure it will help someone in the future.
  9. JohnnyApple

    Is there an app that lets you save words to a list...

    You can use Siri for this too. Same thing as using Siri to add items to your shopping list. How to add events to Reminders app? | Apple iPad Forum
  10. JohnnyApple

    Post your favorite YouTube videos.

    I also really like this video, and great soundtrack... very well done:
  11. JohnnyApple

    iPad Pro size with 2 iPad Air 2 pics. Reference pics, battery life and impressions.

    How sharp do the edges feel in your hand? I have that issue with the iPad Air 2... its so thin that its a bit uncomfortable in my hands after a bit of time.
  12. JohnnyApple

    iPad Pro Battery Life

    I think that is pretty impressive battery life for the performance you are getting.