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Recent content by dabears

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    Jailbreak for iPad 2 (sigh)

    The long wait continue... :(
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    "I just cant justify the cost...ipad 2 is too expensive!"

    Why worry about other people think? It's your money, you have use for it and your happy with it. If they have a hard time justifying it then that is their problem not yours. Sucks to be them if they can't justify it. I rather surf on bigger screen than surf on my little iPhone screen. I use...
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    Battery starting to...

    I always charged mine through wall outlet with the charger that came with.
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    Battery starting to...

    Last longer now that I had my iPad 2 almost two months. I still have 4.3 iOS on it and somehow the battery drainage stopped happening. Anyone having the same experience?
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    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    MBP + iPad + iPhone = Is like the father, son and holy spirit. In a sense and please no judgement against me. :).
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    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    If flash player requires or d/l music, otherwise I use 98.99% iPad 2.
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    Just Returned My Ipad-2!?

    First of if you need help convincing your wife let her read what about to tell you. I use to own the first iPad and it was a wifi version and to make story short, it stayed at home even when I had the capabilitiy of tethering with my jailbroken iPhone. Having 3G iPad is more enjoyable and you...
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    Would you have still bought the ipad if it ran android?

    That's like saying putting pinto engine onto a porche car. :)
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    Didnt use all of my data this month...

    It's better than go over and pay extra. I do have the post paid with ATT.
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    I hate ipad 2 cause im addicted!

    I am more addicted to it as well now that I have 3G version. I didn't use to bring my iPad at work to surf at break and lunch and now thats all I do to get away from everyone. It's becoming my me time and my iPad. It helps because ideal with co-workers all day long. I use my iPad for sense...
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    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    One reason, my first iPad was wifi and I ended up leaving that at home most of the time. I sold it and bought an iPad 2 3G and ever since then, I had more reason to take it with me anywhere. Any regrets? Nope, I love the flexibility of having 3G and I can use my iPad 2 to it's highest...
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    Best Buy Ipad Sale

    Best Buy has been very good to me. And ive been very good with them. I'm proud to be a silver member. :)
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    Question about prepaid data on AT&T

    Glad I can help out.
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    AT&T iPad to iPad 2?

    Just to be safe, call Att customer service. I think they have to transfer your MEI info onto your iPad 2. That's just my guess.
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    Question about prepaid data on AT&T

    With Post Paid you have to call in to cancel. With Pre Paid you may cancel at your own convenience.