Yes! We can rename event name in photo album without using iPhoto

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    As a camera kit user, it is unbelievable that the imported photos are stored in the event section with name like "30-Jan-2010" and you cannot rename it :confused:. So I investigated on how to modify event name.

    Basically, the file /var/mobile/Media/PhotoData/Photos.sqlite in iPad has a table PhotoAlbum which stores the event name in the field "title".

    1. Use i-Funbox to copy the file /var/mobile/Media/PhotoData/Photos.sqlite to PC

    2. Remember to make a backup of this file on PC

    3. Use any sqlite editor to edit this file

    4. Open the table PhotoAlbum, modify the field "title" which is the event name.

    5. Now you can get event with name like "Tour to France (2010)" which much make sense.:)

    - In order for photos that below to the same "group" will not split into multiple events during import due to difference created date, use tool like "EXIF Date Changer" to modify the created dates of the photos to the same date.

    - Tool like "SQLite Analyzer" can update sqlite file.
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