WSJ: Apple is testing a 12.9 inch iPad prototype, larger screen iPhone

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jul 22, 2013.

By RaduTyrsina on Jul 22, 2013 at 12:17 PM
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    Rumors relating to the fact that Apple is looking to increase its devices’ screen size have been given weight by a new report. The Wall Street Journal, via Taiwanese supply chain sources familiar with the matter, claims Apple is testing a 12.9-inch iPad prototype.

    Before getting too excited, it’s important to know that Apple tests all kinds of products featuring different sizes all the time for the sake of experimentation. But, just to make it clear, the current model of the i​​Phone features a 4-inch screen, while the fully fledged iPad comes with a 9.7-inch screen and the iPad Mini with a 7.9-inch screen.

    The important question here remains - why would Apple want to move into a market that has already been seized by the so called phablet? Companies like Samsung and Sony have already launched upon the market devices that blend tablets and smartphones. Is there room for Apple in this picture?

    Rumors of Apple releasing an iPhone with a larger screen aren’t new. So far, we have seen reports suggesting that the company was thinking of increasing the size of the iPhone screen up to 5.7-inch. On the other side, information about a wider iPad has been quite scarce up until now. Back in May, ETNews reported that the tech giant was thinking of adding a so called “iPad Maxi†to its portfolio.

    Source: WSJ


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jul 22, 2013.

    1. AQ_OC
      That's cool. I will never buy it, but I think there are many who will enjoy a larger screen iPad. I would not mind having a phone with a larger screen.
    2. Zergslayer69
      if the 5.7" iphone is true, I may go back to owning an iphone again. But for now, looking forward to the Note 3. Come on apple, show me what you got!
    3. fb si
      fb si
      This is great news, if true. I could use an iPad with a larger screen. Apple will also gain more sales with more choices.
    4. mannyberrios
      That is great news! Would love the iPhone with a larger screen , and I would buy a large screen iPad
    5. jersep
      This is excelent! an iPad with a larger screen means more space in the device to add more memory, RAM, resources, hardware, better display which is beneficial for my eyes. For sure I will be one of the first to buy one. With a bigger iPad screen I will not need a laptop.
    6. Phonascus
      I dub thee: MaxiPad (now, with wings!).
    7. Brontesmith
      Let's see how that device turns out to be..i am pretty sure that Apple is soon going to launch another marvel.
    8. faams
      when it is being launch..??????... cant wait.
    9. ardchoille
      We must remember that "testing" does not equal "will be released". Companies test things all the time that never see the light of day. Consider the news a rumor and take with a grain of salt.

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