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    To date when comparing likes and dislikes iPad with Android like competitors it is most interesting that a few of the most often repeated ones are: * USB for data transfer * Multi-tasking * notifications …. then throw in 4G and Flash compatibility rounding out the most hyped list. … customization is a so-what in my mind. The hardware “I wants have been” talked to death.

    Now I would like to focus on software "I wants". It is time for software improvements. These will benefit all ipad owners.

    If “iAWriter" app can add an extra row of punctuation keys so can the iOS.
    If photos can be auto loaded via an SD card via the camera connect kit adapter so can data files.
    I suspect many would like a tab key on the iOS keyboard. (Xoom has this ... nice)
    I would also like two more keys to move the cursor right or left. The finger (magnifing lens works) but is a bit tricky.

    Add what you would like to have.
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