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    So here we have a beautiful hand held display device that is multi-purpose.
    I read thru the 10 key questions posed by PC magazine for considering a tablet. Most of it sounds like a geek that likes to keep what he has, be able to customize everything to their (so-called likiing) use all the old technology for interfacing, focus, etc.

    Sounds like a situation back in the days of horse and buggy vs the new fangled 4 wheel monsters. Ask the farmer what he would like in his future. "Just give me a faster Horse" . That is the view I get with so many comments on these respective forums. I want this, and this, and this, and I don't like, this and this and this. When you buy a car do you redesign it, repaint it, reorganize the insides. of course not.

    What I would like to see, is what do you like, what is slick, what can this marvelous device really do. How can I use it better. What is the list of the slick software that makes this little beauty fly.
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