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    Since the advent of the iPad, Apple has dominated the average computer user's time vs Microsoft, and so far it doesn't look like Windows 8 has done much to change that. Everybody used to use Windows but not anymore. MS is about to try again, apparently, to jump start interest in their tablets with this new Windows they're calling Blue.

    I'm thinking maybe they're going about this all wrong. Why not offer a line of Windows Surface Pros without screens at all? Put them in a form something like the Wi-Drive (about the size of a small cellphone) and license a customized version of the SplashTop app so that they can be fully controlled from an iPad, or even a high-end Android tablet (like, say, a new and souped-up Nook HD). The Win8 touch controls could be used exactly as intended, and the iPad simple acts as a Win8 touch monitor for the cellphone-sized PC.

    Apple should love the idea since it would enhance the iPad's utility as a business computer, and Microsoft would likely sell many more copies of their OS and desktop software packages, which at one time was their main business anyway.
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    Hmm, interesting concept...

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