Why did I get a 'Welcome to iCloud' e-mail?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by BramleyCrumble, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Jun 30, 2014
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    I recently purchased a new iPad 32gb Air. During setup I explicitly disabled iCloud. However once setup was complete, I received a 'Welcome to iCloud' e-mail which stated:

    "Now that you’ve set up iCloud on one device, you can set it up on your other devices using the same Apple ID. Get started."

    According to the settings on my iPad the iCloud service is still disabled.

    I also received a similar e-mail that said Welcome to FaceTime and iMessage. I did briefly open the Facetime app to see what it was all about , but I didn't sign in or agree to anything.

    Why am I getting welcome messages for services that I didn't explicitly sign up to?

    I found it rather disconcerting not only to be signed up to something that I didn't explicitly request, but even more so for iCloud which I explicitly disabled. Doesn't this break some kind of privacy law or something? Or is there a clause buried somewhere in the Apple T&Cs that allow them to do this?

    Although I like the device so far, I am now having serious reservations about buying it.
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    Hi, BramleyCrumble! Welcome to iPF!

    When you open Settings and select iCloud, what do you see there? If it looks like the first screenshot I included, the account isn't set up. If it's like the second one, you have an iCloud account, which will be the reason for that email.

    To get rid of it, scroll down, select "Delete Account".

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