I-cloud verification e-mail in the bermuda triangle?

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    Bought a new IPAD 2 16GB past weekend. In setting it up I must have done something wrong, as I am not receiving any of the verification e-mails it says it is sending? I hope I did not do a typo on my e-mail but everything I see in my IPAD2 states my correct e-mail.

    How do I go back and check my original settings? or do I need to do the PC Itunes hookup thing?

    EDIT ADDENDUM: I have double checked the e-mail address shown for the I-Cloud sign-up on my IPAD2 and it shows my correct address. However, when I check my PC for incoming e-mail (including spam) it never shows anything requesting verification. I now have a vicious loop of the same popup statement of "ICLOUD needs verification" or something like that if I try anything like downloading APPS. So it is not getting to me.
    Could it be my smtp or pop3 settings?
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