Which storage 64 or 128? So far it doesn't add up.....

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    Hi, I currently have iPad 4 and have had it since it first came out. I'd now like to update to iPad Air 2 (my usage doesn't really warrant iPad Pro) and cannot figure out which storage to go for. I'm undecided between 64 and 128gb.
    My current Pad is 32gb and it's constantly telling me its storage is full and often I cannot take any more pictures before deleting others. Approximately 20gb out of 27.7gb usable storage is taken up by my photos.
    I have approximately 2500 pics and 85 videos (short ones - a couple of minutes at most, personal ones) and have absolutely no movies downloads, zero songs and maximum of 40 apps (not large ones either, the only game is Tetris).
    I checked what you should be able to store on what capacity and find that I'm nowhere near that! The vast majority of my storage is eaten up by photos which I'd like to keep on iPad without shifting into external storage.
    So given the shortage now I do not want to be caught out again and am considering the maximum 128gb but is it really necessary? How much can you fit on 64? Different websites with estimates of what you should be able to store don't seem to be accurate at all, according to one of them I should be able to fit around 14000 photos on 32gb iPad?!
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    Hello and welcome to the forum! :)
    Hello and welcome to the forum! :) First, I have a 64 GB iPad Air 2 and according to Apple's Website there seems to be no 128 GB option for a 'new' Air 2 (see pic below - maybe some older used or refurb models are available, such as HERE?); the similar sized newer iPad Pro w/ that storage is a whopping jump in price! Second, do you have backups of these pics and videos either in the cloud and/or on a computer/SD cards/etc.? If not, you could easily lose all of these 'personal' files (e.g. your iPad stops working, is damaged, or is lost/stolen).

    If you do not have backup(s), then take a look at this THREAD which I left late last year - discusses a variety of ways to transfer photos off an iPad - also, if you are not using iCloud options, then a chance to learn about the service(s). Finally, iTunes is another choice for storing photos/videos on a computer (keep in mind that next week at the WWDC, Apple is going to announce a major 'overall' of iTunes which may impact on its photo features - don't know?). Now, if you are already using some of these choices, then sorry - just wanted to make sure.

    As to which storage amount to obtain on a new iPad, I would think that 64 GB would do you fine, especially if you transfer some of that media off the iPad - can't imagine why you need thousands of images and hundreds of videos on an iPad, but everyone is different - I have about 14 GB of music on my iPad - please respond to some of these questions and good luck! I'm sure others will 'chime in' w/ suggestions. Dave :)
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