Which accesory should i get? (stand, storage, or tv)

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    Ultimately, I'm trying to move everything I do to the iPad. And I can't do this with the iPad alone, so I'm going to need accessories, I'm asking for your input to help me decide where to start.

    1) Goflex Satellite ($200) - this is Seagates external hardrive that creates its own wireless network to which an iPad, phone, or pc can connect to. It's great to be able to store my files on an external drive and view them anywhere I am. The plus side is that I can move all my data/media from my pc to the drive, and therefore solving my storage issue. The con is that the drive has to be charged, and lasts a max of 5hrs on a single charge, half that of the iPad, this doesn't sit too well with me. Also, the capacity is only 500GB; and my data might surpass that soon (currently have 300GB of data, but is expanding). Also this is the first of it's kind; if I wait they might make a greater capacity drive that lasts longer. I'm questioning anther I should just get the camera connection kit and use my wd passport hardrive to store the files.

    2) Slingbox Pro HD and Slinglink ($350) - this is mainly to view live tv from anywhere in the world. I could be at school, work, or even on another country (when those football games that I want to watch come on). I like to have the option, and it would be great to have the ability to do that anywhere I want. I can even use it on my phone and pc. The problem with this is that I feel like I would be paying WAY too much for a simple addition to my iPad; is watching tv where I normally couldn't really worth $350? I just don't know.

    3) iProp ($100) - This is more of a luxury that I've been craving for, for a while. I like to use my iPad a lot while I'm in bed, but it's hard when I'm holding it with one hand, but need two hands to type. Also it's tiring for my wrist if I'm watching a movie or something on it. I know there are other stands, I know there ares other iPad holders, but this one is the one that I highly prefer to the others. This one would be much more beneficial after I get the ability to watch tv on it from the slingbox.

    I definitely plan on getting the iPad 3, so the storage would greatly benefit for both iPads, and also the tv (watch tv on one while doing iPad stuff on the other, or if possible, watch one channel from each iPad) the prop would only be good for one though...

    But I have just enough money in my budget to get one of these at the moment, which do you all reccomend?
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