Where are we headed?

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    Cool vid. I had to use swifter to view it though ;-). It's basically true what that vid states. Pretty soon no one is going to have a big desktop anymore. Everything is moving towards mobile and cloud services. I've been realized gaming systems were pc's in their own right. Pc manufacturers are so amazed with gaming devices that they are now looking at ways to use the gnu more instead of the CPU. I read something along the lines that a gnu can do more calculations faster thn a CPU. Think about it. All these gaming systems like xbox360 and Ps3 need serious processing power to push the realistic types of games they have. That's a ton of math calculations needed. All of this is done through the consoles GPU and that is what is Wowing computer manufacturers. That these console systems can really have more processing power than the actual desktop/pc cousin of theirs.
    Like with me, ever since I got my iPad last July, I hardly ever touched my desktop. Unless for jail breaking iPad or updating iOS. With Ifiles, I no longer need to use iTunes to put media or files on my iPad. We are in the Information age which is evolving very fast into something even bigger. Technology in the future is gonna be Crazy! We are here now witnessing the beginnings first hand. It wont be long before Skynet(terminator reference) and the Borg(star trek) become realities.
    Great link ;-)

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