What's the maximum size Keynote can handle

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    What is the maximum size (in MegaBites) Keynote can handle?

    I'm using ipad 1. I can not upgrade to anything else for a long time from now.

    I'm trying to convert a presentation made in Power Point for windows but Keynote can't complete it. It goes as far as almost 50% and crashes.

    The original size was 140 MB. I started cutting it down until reached 70 MB. But, it keeps crashing.

    It is a try and fail process which takes a long time to accomplish each try.

    I read in some blogs the limit is 30 MB. Who can confirm it.

    The reason I'm using PowerPoint is the ability it has to insert a bunch of pictures in batch. Thing that Keynote can not handle.

    I'm using GoodReader to "transport" the powerpoint presentation to ipad. Inside of GoodReader (Great App) there is an option "Open With" where I choose Keynote which "sometimes" start converting it to it own format until it crashes.

    If you want ask me if I ever tryed a smaller size, I would respond you with a sound "YES". It works well with small footprint presentation.

    I hope anybody had the same experience and found a way around.

    Best Regards,
    Julio Borges
    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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