What's the Best Way to Get Bi-Directional Push type sync with Google Calendar?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by kendor, Mar 16, 2014.

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    Native calendar is subject to 15 minute "pull" type updates. The goal here is to have a calendar item that's entered via a web-based Google calendar immediately update an iPad (or iPhone) or visa versa (assuming connectivity). I tried the free version of CalenMob and it appears that one only gets an update when the app is opened (someone can correct me if I'm wrong). I'm open to exploring other options (paid or free), but am looking for push sync with Google Calendar.
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    This might be possible for third party apps under iOS 7 (It was not under iOS 6); however I have not heard of any.

    When Google stopped offering it's Exchange setup for free accounts the Push services went with it.

    The native Calendar app is more closely tied into the OS it has the advantage over third party apps when it comes to keeping updated, but it can only work with what is offered by the provider. Currently it can't do this with Google Calendars because Google is using CalDAV, which does not support push. The Exchange servers had their own protocols that allowed push. You can still get Exchange service through Google, but it is only for paid accounts.

    Your next most likely to work app would be a Calendar app by Google, but they don't make one. Their attitude appears to be that you should be online all the time, so you don't really need live syncing. And for some people and services, that's fair enough.

    So what is left are apps that are both third party to both Apple's iOS and to Google's calendar service. If it is possible for a calendar app to get live/push notifications from Google calendar I have not seen it, or any mention of it. That's not to say it does not exist. Just that if it does exist it's failed to make much of an impression on the tech news sites and forums I read.

    If you still want to use a third party calendar app, I'm fond of Calendar 5. However, it won't update any more quickly than the native calendar app. Matter of fact, the best way to keep it up to date is to let it use the native app to keep synced. But it can be set up to sync directly with Google.

    Disclaimer: I'm not currently using Google for my calendar service or syncing it with the iPad. It's entirely possible that things have changed and I've missed all mention of it.

    I hope you find a more usefull answer. If you do, please share it with us.

    Good luck.

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