What's the 16:9 iPad? Perhaps the next generation will be able to see

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by huyao, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Three generations of iPad is 4:3, if it becomes a ratio of 16:9, look like? Perhaps we will see the next generation iPad display ratio becomes 16:9.

    Los Angeles technology industry analyst Paul Mueller (Paul Mueller) released a research report said that Apple's next-generation iPad tablet computer will use a 16:9 widescreen display. The news has been confirmed by three people familiar with the. Muller pointed out that this new display design for the next generation of the iPad tablet computer, and not for the iPad mini, Apple is expected over the next few weeks will announce more details.
    Insiders pointed out that, in the next-generation iPad widescreen design, which is in line with Apple's development strategy, because the company has just launched the iPhone 5 on the standard. Gizmodo Jesse Diaz (Jesus Diaz) 4:3 screen, the iPad currently using this screen to follow the example of the proportion of the paper, are better able to adapt to most of the tasks, the 16:9 ratio is more suitable for video playback , but this is not the iPad the most commonly used functions. Of course, the new design is not nothing. Diaz said: "Apple Airplay Mirroring invested heavily in next-generation iPad with a 16:9 screen design, better integration with the function, and increase the degree of matching with the TV."

    But some people skeptical about Apple's move. Some analysts believe that change the screen ratio in addition to facing the technical challenges, but also may have a negative impact on the user experience. For users, iPad 10-inch display has been able to meet a variety of needs, increase the screen size of the iPad is not as on the iPhone so attractive.
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    Wen reading a book, if you consider the two pages, you almost have a 4:3 ratio. Anything wider or taller is just not comfortable to handle or to read. The eye cannot see more than a few inches wide, so the larger the display, the more scanning is required to read the whole text, which can be uncomfortable after a while.

    Comparing that to a computer screen, they got larger and bigger. When maximizing a window, we often have to increase the font size to be able to read the text and we have to scroll up and down more often to view the whole content. And let's not talk about the mouse where we have more distance to cover from one corner to the other.

    On a tablet, the 16:9 ratio is not tall enough or too wide in landscape mode. No worry, you just put it in portrait mode, but then you have a too tall display or a not wide enough screen... It's just not enough and too much at the same time. A 4:3 ratio is just perfect. When not tall enough, you flip the iPad in portrait mode and it's just perfect.

    Since the arrival of 16:9 TVs in our home, we lost one thing: the face close-up to show the terrified emotions of the character does not work anymore like in the old days of 4:3. You only see they eyes or the mouth, or a not so close "close-up" to see the whole face with some landscape on each side. In the 4:3 days, the close-up was showing the whole face... :)

    So probably, our vision is based on the shape of the face of a person. Anything wider or taller is just too much data to process for proper recognition.
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    There's no point in a 16x9 iPad. The current 2048x1536 displayalready has more pixels than HD, and letter boxing is a nonissue. Increasing the overall size of the device would make it unusable, a huge mistake.

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    This has been discussed ad infinum. I would suggest you do some research for past threads. There are very good reasons for the layout of the iPad. The only reason for letterbox layout is to watch videos in 16:9. Not all video is in that format. The iPad is a multi function tool, and as such, has to work for other uses.

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